The Brigadier (#160)

After last night’s very rushed job (literally posted with 2 minutes of the day left…) which really didn’t look at all like what I had in my head but had to go with it anyway I decided to focus on trying to get some emotion through in my character’s faces.

What can you see in the Old Brigadier’s face….?

Bulldog Benny (#99)

The British Bulldog Benny Baxter

Wanted to draw some rocking facial hair today and the mustache grew old Bulldog Benny here… British Street Boxing Champion 1933.

This Sydney Cove place looks like a good spot… (#7)

In 1788, the British First Fleet sailed into Botany Bay to establish a penal colony. Finding Botany Bay unsuitable, they sailed 12km north to Sydney Cove,  pitched a few tents there… and BLAMMO! Australia was born.

Today, people celebrate Australia Day/Hottest 100 Day/Invasion Day… call it what you like, I’ll still be eating burnt sausages and drinking beer. Though I tried not to be political, I at least made it tongue-in-cheek… sorta.

This drawing took 20 minutes and was done on January 26th, 2011.

1788 - Australia done got borned