The Brigadier (#160)

After last night’s very rushed job (literally posted with 2 minutes of the day left…) which really didn’t look at all like what I had in my head but had to go with it anyway I decided to focus on trying to get some emotion through in my character’s faces.

What can you see in the Old Brigadier’s face….?

This Sydney Cove place looks like a good spot… (#7)

In 1788, the British First Fleet sailed into Botany Bay to establish a penal colony. Finding Botany Bay unsuitable, they sailed 12km north to Sydney Cove,  pitched a few tents there… and BLAMMO! Australia was born.

Today, people celebrate Australia Day/Hottest 100 Day/Invasion Day… call it what you like, I’ll still be eating burnt sausages and drinking beer. Though I tried not to be political, I at least made it tongue-in-cheek… sorta.

This drawing took 20 minutes and was done on January 26th, 2011.

1788 - Australia done got borned