The Letter D (#161)

Man, I’m cutting it fine again tonight! Major creative block tonight… nothing really came out as it normally does.

I decided to continue the Letter series I’ve done… this time it is the letter D, in bones… for, um death and stuff.

The Letter C (#83)


Today’s Panic is following on from the sub-series of letters I’ve done… I started with A way back in the day with Environmental Punk Scene and then the Multiple B illustration a few weeks ago and now… The Letter C


The Letter B (#56)


The Letter B


Wow, what a day it’s been… The Creative Panic made it all the way to the front page of, being featured in Freshly Pressed! Thanks to everyone who commented on the blog and who have subscribed. I hope you enjoy my daily illustrations! 🙂

Today’s illustration is another typographical one, featuring the letter B.