On Ice (#340/365)

Next Xmas I’d like a Wooly Mammoth… thanks.


Barry the Reindeer Union Rep (#338/365)

It’s that time of year again… and the workplace contract negotiations can sometimes last right up until take-off from the North Pole.

Bird… WORD! (#238/365)

I did another Bird is the Word around #100 but that was an actual painting is now living in the home of one Ms Lucy Waugh, a lovely person and friend of mine.

So here is another “Bird is the Word” in honour of the previous one and because I actually forgot I drew the first one until I had finished this one… the pitfalls of doing an illustration a day I suppose, I don’t remember all #238 of them 🙂

The Deer (#233/365)


Wow, I am now the proud owner of two “Freshly Pressed” Front Page features within 6 months of each other… The DUBSTEP Panic from yesterday making it and the TRL Love Panic from a few months ago also being picked for Freshly Pressed!

Today is a continuation of the Wrapped/Thread Series I have been doing… you can check out the others below!