Project Yourself (#116)

Ok, this really is a stream of consciousness illustration… in which the concept can be explained conveniently in dot point form for those of us with busy lives.

  1. Simone, my business partner and I have been involved in the Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival and part of that involvement is the Illumination of the South Projection Art Installation where motion graphics and other imagery get projected on to the side of buildings in Penola.
  2. On the way home from the weekend’s festivities, my wife and I were discussing how Lady Gaga’s recent song has a very similar sound to Express Yourself by another “considered-shocking-back-then” artist from the eighties. I’ve since been singing Express Yourself in my head and it’s starting to drive me crazy.
  3. Also for the Festival, Simone and I were judges in the Design Prize Competition where designers submit posters and the winner’s piece being used in all promotional material for the coming years festival and landing $1000 prize money! One of the pieces that was awarded a highly commended was a very awesome piece of lino-cut.
  4. I have watched some interesting documentaries of late about some of the most dangerous and brilliant artists of the past 50 years like Charles Bukowski, William S. Burroughs and Hunter S. Thompson who are all similar in that they were only ever just themselves. No projection of anything else but who they were.

So with none of that in mind before I started drawing, when I came to the end of the illustration the above is what I attribute the Panic to.

Whoa. Deep. Not really… 🙂

7 days a week, 365 days a year (#8)

Well, I’ve now kept up this little project for a whole seven days! Seven images have been uploaded (not including this one) with such diverse subjects as Sausage Jesus, Ken Oath – Aussie Mystery Man of Mystery, Leeroy Lion with the mash potato mane, Carl Sagan and a little tribute to Australia Day. Please, have a look back through the first seven images and leave a comment. I’d like to know what people think of my apparent insanity!

To begin the second week I’ve done a little drawing based on the project itself. Just One, 7/365.

  • Just one drawing
  • Each day of the week (7)
  • for 365 days of the year

If I keep this up for a full year Im going to be pretty chuffed.

Im really digging the typography on this one, as most of the drawing time was spent on getting the text right.

The below was drawn on 27th January 2011. It took 19 minutes.

Just one drawing every day for one year.