Good vs Evil

Wow, it certainly has been a while since the last post! Things have been crazy busy with work so illustration got shoved ever so gently on the back burner but I’m getting pumped for some drawing sessions again so stay tuned!



Angry Red Johnson’s Hot Sauce (#364/365)

The second to last Panic. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow… It’s been a very fun project and I’ll talk some more on what it has done for me on the last ever illustration 🙂

The Bayou Bunch (#359/365)

Introducing the Bayou Bunch… that’s all I have to say about that!

Six Panic’s to go… but seeing I’m not very bright I have already begun another year-long project… :: 52 weeks / 52 photographs… check it out and subscribe if you want to receive it in your inbox every week for 52 whole… um, yeah… weeks.

Party Pig (#358/365)

Party Pig parties… hard! Oh yeah! PARTY PIG!

In other news, head over to the Creative House blog and check out an interview I did with them! Thanks to Abinav for inviting me to be featured on his site!

oh and make sure you head on over to my new project, The Developed :: 52 weeks / 52 photographs and subscribe 🙂

Ferdinand the Bull (#357/365)

Who doesn’t love the story of Ferdinand the Bull… although I do remember my Nan reading it to me as a little boy and I always felt sad for Ferdinand because everyone expected something from him that wasn’t “in” him… he just wanted to sit around and smell the flowers.

Be sure to check out my new project for 2012, The Developed :: 52 weeks, 52 photographs.

The Flowerpot Guy (#342/365)

Hello to all the new subscribers for today, had a good run on the site views as I was featured in a One a Day post on the WordPress blog which is very cool! For the newbies, The Creative Panic is a One a Day Illustration blog and as you can see from the numbers in this post heading I have just done my 342nd post!

I mainly use Illustrator CS4 and my Wacom board to create each drawing and they take me anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours to do. I run a creative agency called helloFriday during the day so I don’t have heaps of time for and my “Panics” tend to be quickly drawn hence why you might see some rough line or colour work now and again.

So, only 22 illustrations to go until this project will be finished… to be honest I’m starting to feel a little sad that it will finish at 365. I’d love to start doing some more commission and editorial work so I think I’ll push that once the One a Day is done.

Thanks to all the subscribers and comments so far, it’s made it easier to keep the project going and good luck to anyone who is planning to start a One a Day blog for 2012.