Aliens are Real #5 (#336/365)

Another one for the Aliens are Real series… heaps of fun!

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In my day… (#320/365)

I saw a post on Facebook today about how our parents and grandparent’s would go on about how much harder they had it than us and how, now as our generation is having kids the things we will say to them like how we didnt have

  • The Internet
  • Facebook
  • Digital Music Players

and how we did have

  • Musicians that could play an actual instrument
  • People becoming famous by being talented at something and not by appearing on a TV show
  • Hypercolour T-shirts… ok, well that might not be a great thing
  • Grunge Music

Leica Love (#318/365)

Leica LOVE

I’m a big fan of film cameras. I own an awesome little Yashica 635 TLR MF and now I have added a near mint Leica M3 and needless to say I’m in love. German engineering at its absolute finest. Some Zeiss Biogon 35mm ƒ2 glass has been attached and the ILFORD Delta B&W is loaded… PUMPED!


WANT THIS ON A TEE? Click the image below!