a’lotta space out there… (#244/365)

To be honest, I’m not really 100% sure where this came from… I do know I like drawing the planets and moon in this style though! 🙂


The Desert Night (#241/365)

I am without my Wacom board tonight so this Panic was done with my fingers. trackpad and the Illustrator Pen tool… Not exactly old school but it gets the job done!

I’ve been playing around with a cactus idea lately but nothing I have done works… tried again tonight and this little piece came out the other end.

Bird… WORD! (#238/365)

I did another Bird is the Word around #100 but that was an actual painting is now living in the home of one Ms Lucy Waugh, a lovely person and friend of mine.

So here is another “Bird is the Word” in honour of the previous one and because I actually forgot I drew the first one until I had finished this one… the pitfalls of doing an illustration a day I suppose, I don’t remember all #238 of them 🙂