Market Day (#353/365)

The Creative Panic is at the market today selling quality illustration… I just drew this live in front of a few people, talk about pressure, hence why it kinda sucks 🙂

The weather is a bit crap today but there have been quite a few interested people and I have sold two prints so far! Rock on!

Self Portrait (#352/365)

I’ve done a few self portraits throughout the project and each time they seem to be when I need to experiment with a different style (or have nothing to use but an iPad).

This time around isn’t great in my mind as I have a hard time trying to “paint” with the Wacom in the same way I normally paint on canvas which is the effect I was going for. (I should add I use Illustrator 99% of the time for this project, I have never really bothered venturing into Photoshop or Painter to try and paint digitally).

When I try this style I find the results end up looking technically right but with no texture and dimension… flat in other words! 🙂

Beards of Faith (#349/365)

I thought I would get one more new series in before the end of the project…

As most of you know, I like beards. I have drawn many of them throughout the project and I used to own a magnificent beard myself until I made the silly mistake of shaving it off.

Today is the first in the series “Beards of….”  Tomorrow I will do Beards of ROCK… after that, it could be anything! 🙂

Team Scary (#344/365)

Scary ghost, werewolf, Frankenstein and vampire silhouettes. Scary. Motherflippin. Stuff. Probably should have drawn this on Halloween… 🙂

In other news, the blog looks like it will hit 150,000 views around the time the project will finish on the 19th January, 2012. Pretty pumped about that, I never thought this site would generate as much interest as it has! It’s been awesome 🙂